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A visit by Second Chance Charity members in April 2023

2023 Aerial Photography at Farnham Castle


Our thanks go to Mike Cope  and all who have kindly provided these new aerial photographs and video of the Castle.

MA Student Project at Farnham Castle


There has long been a positive connection between Farnham Castle and the University of Creative Arts in Farnham. The Castle’s Trustees were therefore very happy to give whatever help and access required to three overseas MA students at UCA who wanted to base part of their final coursework on the Castle and its link with Farnham Park. 


The students chose very different and exciting ways to illustrate that link. The photographs shown below cannot hope to represent fully the true quality of their three-dimensional and beautifully executed work, but we believe that all three projects justify being shown to a much wider audience. We hope that you feel as enthusiastic about their work as we were when it was presented to us. 

UCA MA Student:  Ting-Chun Liu

"Farnham Castle is one of the historical buildings in the UK and a representative landmark in Farnham. The first things that attract me are about the buildings. Because compare with Taiwan there did not have many old buildings like the Castle and Castle Keep.  I was really interested about the European history since I was young so I wanted to know more about Farnham Castle. It let me think about the problem that may happen in many countries, with the changes of the times and the influence of the media, more and more young people will not notice the importance of historical and cultural heritage. Thus, I want to make people notice about the value not only the Farnham Castle also all the historical items in their own country through this collaboration project.

At the first time, I was interesting about the architecture of the Castle and Castle Keep. I would like to know about how they build it? What and how is changing and happening during historical time? What are the materials they use? Where those materials come from? What are the background stories each of the patterns in the Castle?"

UCA MA Student:  Pui Lan Sio

"I have created a Farnham Castle Mobile to connect those fascinating stories and history between Farnham Castle and Farnham Park. The frame of the mobile I separate in three parts from left to right is a castle – keep and park also each of the martial represent each of them. Clay represents the castle and keep, monoprints and embossed collagraph represent the park. The result of the mono-print can represent the experience of the castle All the mobile pieces design is chosen from the significant object or symbol image of the castle and park. The deer is one of the Farnham park symbols. The window is from the castle, There is a good viewing point from the Farnham keep to watch the Park, I think this is one of the connections between keep and park, so I made a small keep and cut some feature plants from the park on the surface." 

UCA MA Student:  Pei-Ling Chen

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