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 Our Halloween celebration 2022

There was a haunting at Farnham Castle on Sunday, 30th October when a group of little witches, wizards, ghoulies and ghosties galore enjoyed a spooktacular entertainment.   They were celebrating Hallowe’en with Gilly Stewart, Farnham’s well  known story teller,  She was dressed as Twitchy Witch of Wacky Wood in a very tall witch’s hat and flowing cloak.  She told a story she had written especially about a haunted house to the spellbound children. There then followed a craft session where the children decorated bat masks and a flying witch card with glitter and crayons.  To conclude a funfilled time, Gilly led the children in a dizzy dance around her cauldron and witch’s broom to the music of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. 


The 24 places for the Hallowe’en event were taken immediately and everyone hoped that Gilly would soon return to entertain them at Farnham Castle again. Gilly has been a Castle guide for some years and has held numerous children’s educational workshops at local schools, Farnham Library, the Museum and private parties. Her amazing skill at story writing, devising crafts and wonderful ideas to entertain children and increase their knowledge is always in demand and very much appreciated.


News from the Castle

Farnham Castle: Stories behind the Stones

A new, and highly readable book on the history of Farnham Castle, written by local historian Roy Waight, is now on sale at just £9.99 from Waterstones bookshop in Farnham and from Reception at the Castle.

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