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what's in the schools support folder?

A set of six children's stories from Matilda who grew up in Anglo-Saxon Britain and witnessed a Viking attack on Farnham, to Violet whose two brothers fought in the First World War. Other children tell stories of Farnham and Farnham's Castle in medieval, Tudor and Civil War times.

Two large timelines - one for KS1 and a slightly more detailed one for KS2 - so that children can understand the historical context of the facts they are learning.

A number of line drawing sheets of the key characters in the folder that teachers can photocopy and pupils can colour in.


A game of Castle Attack for four players, with counters and dice and a word puzzle.

where and how do i get a pack for my school?

It's easy!

You can get one pack sent free of charge to your school by the Farnham Castle Trust. Just send a request for one to Give your name and position, your school's name and full postal address and we'll put one in the post.

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